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What Are Different Property Management Services in Oklahoma City?

If you’re looking for property management services in Oklahoma City, you have a number of options. All managers are different and can provide you with varying levels of service. Today I’m sharing some words of advice that I often share with owners and investors with whom we work. 

Property Management Services Oklahoma City: Leasing

When it comes to identifying investment opportunities, as well as leasing your rental property, your manager should be knowledgable about what properties are renting for in various areas of the city. A property manager should also know if your property is in a growth area where rents can be increased as necessary.  Properties near schools, shopping centers, hospitals and other amenities are things that can attract good, long-term tenants. 

Property Management Oklahoma City: Maintenance 

Proper maintenance is an invaluable service offered by property managers. OKC Homes 4 You has a long list of vendors and contractors such as plumbers, electricians, and various handymen who can respond promptly to maintenance needs as they arise. We have the capability to communicate with vendors and owners via text, e-mail, and over the phone. When maintenance requests come in, our software allows owners to track these requests and monitor progress. Quick and efficient response to maintenance issues is crucial to your bottom line.

Property Management Services Oklahoma City: Communication 

Communication is vital. One of the services your property manager must provide is outstanding communication with tenants, owners, and vendors. We can do this by phone, e-mail, and text. Our software provides a monthly accounting statement delivered electronically or through the mail, depending on your preference. Remember, detailed statements allow you to stay informed about how your property is performing.   

Property Management Oklahoma City: Portfolio Growth

Another service property managers can provide is help with your portfolio. As a full service licensed brokerage, we can work with you to help grow your portfolio. If you need to sell a rental property, but don’t want to pay capital gains taxes, we can help you with a 1031 tax-deferred exchange. A good property manager can make recommendations, help you strategize, and help you reach your financial goals. 

A good, local property manager can be very beneficial to your bottom line. A local property manager is able to keep eyes on your property and help you maximize the benefits of rental property ownership. If you have any questions about our Oklahoma City property management services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at OKC Homes 4 You.

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