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Tenant Horror Stories: How to Avoid your Next Nightmare in Oklahoma City

Tenant horror stories and rental property nightmares can often be avoided with a few important steps. 

Maintenance Leads to Better Tenant Relationships 

Your property manager should not assume that since the last tenant did not report any maintenance concerns, like slow drains, that everything is in normal working order at your property. For example, if your new tenant calls you to complain that the washing machine drain is backing up, that can set a negative tone for the rest of the lease period. 

Conducting Property Condition Assessments 

As a standard practice, your property manager should do a condition assessment when the property is vacant. Inside the home, you want your property manager to look for areas where pests and rodents can enter. These areas might be holes around plumbing pipes and in the corners of cabinets, as well as the baseboards. Mice and insects can lead to nightmares for both your tenant and your property pretty quickly. Seal those areas before a new tenant moves in. Have an exterminator evaluate, and if necessary, treat the property. 

On the outside, your property manager should look for areas where rodents can enter through the trim or the crawl space that’s not properly sealed. Squirrels, possums, raccoons, skunks, and other pests can decide that your house is theirs, and that will be a big problem. 

The trees surrounding your property should be free of dead limbs. This protects your roof and your tenant’s vehicles. 

We can help give your tenants peace of mind when moving into your rental home, and we can prevent horror stories and nightmares. For more information, please contact us at OKC Homes 4 You.

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