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Rental Qualifications


  • All occupants over the age of 18 will submit an application and must meet all criteria specified for the primary applicant.
  • Application fees, in the amount of $40 per occupant over 18, cover the cost and administration for running individual background, credit, and rental checks.
  • Applying to OKC Homes 4 You does not guarantee approval, nor does it constitute a lease for the home for which you applied.
  • Only if approved will you be given the opportunity to pay a deposit and sign a lease in order to reserve a property.
  • The deposit must be paid within 48 hours of approval. Applicant must take possession of the property within 30 days of approval.
  • We continue to accept applications until one applicant has received approval and paid a deposit to reserve the property.
  • We will review applications in the order they are received and approve
  • the most qualified applicant.

  • Each occupant of every property must be named on the lease.
  • The maximum allowable occupants per unit is 2 individuals per bedroom of 100 sq.ft. or larger. No more than 1 individual is allowed per bedroom smaller than 100 sq.ft.

Reasons for Denial of Application:
OKC Homes 4 You processes all applications in the order they are received and selects the most qualified applicant. We base our decision on standard criteria including, but not limited to, rental and credit history, ability to pay rent, and background check results. OKC Homes 4 You may decline applicants for any of the following:

  • Prior Evictions within two (2) years of application
  • Credit score for all applicants is below 550
  • Identity cannot be verified
  • Income cannot be verified
  • Open bankruptcies or bankruptcies within the past five (5) years
  • Insufficient income – Total rent payment per month is more than one-third of the applicants’ combined verifiable gross monthly income
  • Any landlord collection in the past three (3) years
  • Overdue debt of $2,500 or more, including balances on outstanding civil
  • judgments (does not include student loans or medical bills/debt)

  • A conviction for the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled
  • A conviction for the possession of a controlled substance
  • Registered Sex Offenders
  • Misrepresentation(s) or falsification(s) of application

We receive credit reports from TransUnion.

We require a minimum credit score for all Applicants of 550 or above. However, we do not disqualify tenants solely for not having a credit history.

Negative credit history, which may result in an application being disapproved, is described as including, but not limited to, any of the following items:

  • An involuntary repossession of material or personal property within the last five (5) years
  • Any pending lawsuits
  • Any checks that have been returned and are under collection for non-payment
  • Any demonstrated history of late or delinquent payments or outstanding balance

The absence of a credit file shall not adversely affect any applicant; however, the applicant may be required to either pay a higher security deposit and/or be asked to provide a qualified lease guarantor. A lease guarantor must exhibit credit worthiness and the ability to satisfy the rental obligation in the event of default.

Our standard income approval requires applicants to provide proof of verifiable gross household monthly income. Total rent payment per month cannot be more than 35% of the applicants’ combined gross monthly income. Households having no verifiable monthly income are automatically disqualified.

Criminal convictions relating to violent acts, crimes of dishonesty or breach of trust or matters of similar nature or severity may be cause for denial of an application. In addition to the nature and severity of the conviction, Landlord will consider factors including, without limitation, the amount of time that has passed since the relevant conviction and whether such conviction could reasonably be deemed to be indicative of a potential risk to safety and/or property.

A rental application may be declined if you have have been convicted for:

  • Any violent felony
  • Any non-violent felony within the preceding five (5) years
  • Any outstanding or active warrants

Rental History:
Any negative rental history can disqualify any prospective resident’s application. Negative rental history is described as including, but not limited to any one of the following:

  • Any documented breach of a lease agreement unless documentation of Proven Negligence on the part of the management and/or owner(s) of the property is provided. Breach of the lease is defined as any monetary or non-monetary violation of the lease agreement.
  • Any late rental payments in the past twelve (12) months, NSF checks and/or any rental related debt outstanding, including payment agreements and/or judgments.

Guarantors (Co-signers):
A guarantor (co-signer) will be required for applicants that are students or who cannot provide proof of verifiable income, but otherwise, meet all other application requirements. Guarantor must meet the following requirements:

  • Credit – Credit score of 650 or higher
  • Income – Income is at least 4 times the rent

Guarantors are restricted to family members who assume responsibility for all payments pursuant to the Lease.

Smoking Policy:
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside any unit.

Pet Policy:
Pets will only be considered on certain approved properties.

Any application for a property stating in the description that it is a “no pet property” will be automatically disapproved.

All allowed pets will be subject to a pet screening at an additional cost to the applicant
of $20 per pet.

  • Service animals are not considered pets. They will also be subject to the screening process, but the $20 fee will be waived.